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Thank you for paying us a visit ! My name is Berend Lange, I am German and I have lived in South Africa since 1984. As BLUE CRANE CONSULTING, we offer a number of services and products that will help […]

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It is surprisingly easy to invest in regular check-ups for your company—any renewal process happens in 3 phases and we can help from start to finish : Identification of areas for development Planning of measures for improvement incl. budget and timeframe […]

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Management Consulting

The services of Management Consultants are mostly called on by companies and organisations in times of strong growth, or when major changes in their respective markets take place. Smaller and medium sized businesses often believe that they can afford to […]

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The immediate advantages of staff training are obvious : by developing new skills, staff competency levels and therefore productivity in general are increased, and it facilitates career progression for yourself and your employees. The social implications from South Africa’s historical […]

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Ten Ways That You Can Be a Better Manager and Why You Should Read This


Being a manager was never, an easy task to fulfil since there are so many things that you have to handle in order for the company to be successful. As a manager, you have to handle the multi tasked role of overseeing the day-to-day operation of the company, as well as managing hundreds of employees.

Managers face the extraordinary challenge of accomplishing the business’s organizational goal through the combined efforts of the others. Whether you already have an extensive experience in managerial role, or just a first time manager, when it comes to effectiveness in operational endeavour and leadership, few still fail to carry out their task. If you want to be lead your company and people to success, here are some of the 10 effective ways that you can use to become a better manager:

1) Be Open to Wider Opportunities & New Ways of Thinking

According to Forbes, the best managers are those who are flexible and versatile and closely attuned to the environment where they belong. As manager, you should always be adaptable to your surroundings, and should always seek for opportunities that lie ahead. Listen to others because most of the times, the best improvement ideas comes from employees who are in the corner since they are the one who are closest to the actual operation and work process. Always remember, rigidity is the enemy of progress, so don’t be afraid to shift your paradigm and move away from the usual thinking of ‘this is how we always done it here’.

2) Set High But Attainable Standards

There is nothing wrong in setting high standards within the company; however, you should ensure that your employee could meet them. The best managers aren’t those who are nicest or toughest, but those who knows how to set standards and always aiming for best result from the employee in their charge. Once your people recognize that you have unfailing high standards, they would likely be aware of their efficiency and quality towards their wok, and that’s the key attitude from you that they won’t forget. Most of the time, when your employee knows you demands for excellence, they would like push themselves to work harder and carry out their task better.

3) Be a Great Motivator

As manager, it is your job to provide inspiration and direction to your employees and the rest of your team—especially when your business or company is at the midst of challenging times. There are some inevitable factors that happens when a business is struggling for certain reason, wherein employees are forced to work under pressure or/and working long hours, when organizational change are causing lower productivity, or when budget constraints are taking toll on them. Your actions can serve positive impact on the retention, morale and performance of your subordinates. The best way to motivate employees is to show that you care about them in big or little ways.

4) Keep A Balance

People don’t become an instant or great manager overnight. Whether you are a new manager or has already gained experience in the field, adapting to the role takes time. And much of your success as manager will depend how you manage or perform your task. The reason why many managers fail in their duty is because of they either under supervise or over supervise. So try to keep in the middle of the two.

5) Communicate

As a manager, much of your success will greatly rely on the relationship that you build with your peers. To be successful, you need to earn the respect of all your employees. Make sure to look or find a supervisory style that will feel comfortable for both you and your employee. Be an excellent communicator, but don’t forget to set your boundaries. Provide an ample feedback to your people, and make yourself readily available for those employees you manage. Be present and be accessible.


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How We Trained Staff to Install Safety Barriers on an Industrial Building Site

building site

For more than several years, industrial building sites have been constructing and installing wood, concrete and metal safety barriers that coordinate well with their ambiances. Also, modular lane-management systems and patented materials are designed for regulating traffic flow.

There are several workplace accidents that happen either when the company owner or management team fails to set up safety barriers or when the staffs fail to be aware of a prospective hazardous situation. Reports concerning fatal accidents and near misses frequently signify that the roots of these accidents were due to an absence of risk awareness and safety measures among the employees. It is very important to address these flaws and take appropriate precautionary actions in order to avoid mishaps and build safe workstations.

Safety barriers and safety gates, such as the ones at http://www.selfclosinggates.co.uk are a beneficial function since they can be installed for different reasons and in different places. They carry out several purposes like blocking restricted spaces to conduct a safe flow of traffic. If you are managing a warehouse or factory, you should be aware that there are various places inside the facility where you can install a safety barrier for preventing injuries and helping in the smooth operation of the industrial unit.

Installing safety barriers takes proper knowledge and skills to accomplish it. Good thing is that, there are also online courses that teach constructors on how to install barriers. Within the process of training, the basic and important thing that workers ought to know is the roles of different artists and people behind the project. Instructors cite the roles and responsibilities of a contractor, representative of a client, designer, installer and supplier, manufacturer and independent chartered engineer.

  • The contractor has general responsibility for construction and design in compliance with the main contract.
  • A Client’s representative is responsible for auditing the quality procedures of the contractor and monitoring the works in compliance with their appointment from the client.
  • On the other hand, a designers role is to design the work conforming to their appointment by the contractor. Also, the designer co-certifies the construction and design.
  • The installer and supplier deliver, procures and installs appropriate barrier systems in conformity with the sub-contract, and thus specified features of the main contract.
  • Manufacturer is liable to the supplier in conformity with the order.
  • Independent chartered engineer is prerequisite to certify the proposed site testing system is appropriate to the site conditions and specific barrier system.

More and more industrial building sites install a safe barrier due to several reasons and benefits they can gain. The system minimizes injuries to the vehicle occupants, provide protection to the third parties and protect equipment or property.

Choosing the appropriate products for an event is also cover in the training courses we teach. An understanding of a mesh fencing or pedestrian barrier is not proper and a stronger crowd barrier is needed to the event’s safety. Also, audience demographic, culture, capacity, genre, music, site topography, type of ground and performance schedule are all factors that needs to be considered with favours to the design impact and barrier layout.

Trainers closely work with customers to analyse the specifics and plan a barrier system that is best suited for a particular event. By understanding, all of the variables enable the instructors to ensure that a barrier will provide maximum protection wherever it is installed.

When it comes to installation method, equipment, personnel, installation instruction, guidelines for maintenance and repair environmental protection as well as work and safety, instructors give necessary details and ways to install properly safety barriers.


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How Providing Your Staff with the Correct Work Training Can Save You Money


As they say, corporate training is such an essential part of the company policies universally. So, why don’t allow your staffs to be trained and reap great benefits in the long run? Not only it will help to enhance their personal and professional skills, but your company will also increase its revenues.

Person’s lives moves pretty fast. If you do not stop and glance through from time to time, you might possibly miss it. And, you might also fail to benefit from the business growth and success if you do not correctly train your employees. To reach peak of success and stay on the top, your people should be skilled enough about the latest techniques, engaged with the work, be updated with the most recent laws and legislations affecting your sector, and more. In addition, they should be motivated to drive their self-development ahead and always strive to boost their knowledge, smash targets and develop new skills they ought to have. Here’s what the government have to say on staff training.

Most of the business managers don’t hire unqualified workers. However, many of them employ underqualified employees. Sometimes, a worker becomes underqualified because of the new methods development or changing technology. Money and time are two of the biggest resources being used for training. Yes, job training can cost big amount of materials, time and money, but not training your workers can cost you more amount of resources. In that case, proper training of employees is still one of the most important foundations of your company to grow and succeed in the business world.


Untrained workforces can result to unhappy workforces. Every personnel are unhappy when they feel unsupported, underachieving or inadequate. Because they are not satisfied in the work, it can cause them to make mistakes, not care about the result of their work and under perform. This will definitely cost the corporate in lost money and time.

Lost customers. Untrained workers can possibly cause many mistakes, and these inefficiencies and mistakes can cause your business to drop several customers. This worst scenario can happen to every business.

Lost money/time because of mistakes. The time and materials used can be lost whenever an employee commit a mistake. The works needs to be done again. Much worse, the insufficient product was delivered to the customer.

Untrained personnel have a low value of production. The quality of work they produce is less and lower value. The performance quality is lower than it should or could be.


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Careers in Consulting

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